I write things.

My second novel/fourth book, Ex-Members, is out now on Astrophil Press. Next up: In the Sight, a short novel, due on Whisk(e)y Tit in 2023.

Also of note: I started blogging again.

I also have an essay in the anthology Children of the New Flesh: The Early Work and Pervasive Influence of David Cronenberg, edited by Chris Kelso and David Leo Rice.

Political Sign, was published by Bloomsbury as part of the Object Lessons series in 2020. Prior to that came a collection of short stories, Transitory, and a novel, Reel, on Rare Bird Books.

I write about books, music, and history for a host of places, am the managing editor of Vol.1 Brooklyn, and write the Watchlist column for Words Without Borders. Sometimes I can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

I also write a semi-regular letter about comics and storytelling, Postcards From Komiksoj.