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As a resource, I’ve posted three of the lectures from Publish or Perish, the course I’ve taught several times at LitReactor. (Future iterations of the course will use an updated format and examples.)

Previous Classes

Publish or Perish at LitReactor
Fiction magazine editors aren’t normal readers—so what are they looking for? Tobias Carroll, managing editor of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, is here to tell you in this two-week course.

Fundamentals of Fiction at Catapult
This eight-week course is designed for fiction writers of all levels looking to strengthen their understanding of the form. We will focus on a different aspect of storytelling each week, from point of view to structure to character, exploring the ways these techniques work in conjunction with one another to give students a holistic sense of what makes for a compelling narrative.

Location as Inspiration at 2017 Kentucky Writers Conference
Sometimes the spark that first brings a short story or novel to life isn’t a character or a conflict: it’s a specific place around which everything else can emerge. Tobias Carroll, author of Reel and Transitory, will lead you through a workshop in which memorable places, buildings, and spaces can become central to your writing. He will cite examples from his own works, as well as memorable stories by other writers in which the location itself is a significant element of the story.